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What you Need to Know About the Roadheader?

Nov. 27, 2020

The type of tunnel boring machine is divided into ordinary machine and tunnel boring machine. Among them, the tunnel boring machine is a comprehensive device that uses machinery to break rocks, remove ballast and support for continuous operation.

According to the cutting process of the roadheader on the working surface, it is divided into a full-section roadheader and a partial-section roadheader.

According to the operation mode, it is divided into open tunneling machine and shield tunneling machine. The famous one in the former is a large-diameter full-face rock tunnel.

Mining Machine Roadheader Exporter

Road boring machine is a complete set of boring equipment that integrates excavation, support, and slag removal. It is called the "aircraft carrier of construction machinery".

"Ship" and "King of Roadheaders".

The well-known of the latter is the shield machine. Mining Machine Roadheader Exporter reminds you of safe operations:

Before starting up, the driver must check the machine as follows:

(1) All operating handles and buttons should be complete, flexible and reliable, and all operating handles should be hit to the zero position.

(2) The mechanical, electrical, hydraulic system, and safety protection devices should be normal and reliable, the parts and components should be intact, and all parts should be connected.

The connecting screws should be complete and fastened.

(3) The cable clamps of each connecting device of the electrical system should be complete and firm, and the cables should be hung neatly, without damage or extrusion.

(4) The joints of hydraulic pipelines and atomization system pipelines should be free from damage or leakage, and protective devices should be complete and reliable. The extended cables and water pipes are prepared along the working surface, suspended neatly, and drag the length of the cables and water pipes behind the roadheader. Must not exceed 10 meters.

(5) The oil level and quantity of the reducer and hydraulic oil tank should be appropriate without leakage, and the machine should be filled with oil according to the technical requirements, lubricating.

(6) The reprinting belt conveyor should be in good condition with complete supporting rollers.

(7) The cutting head's picks and tooth seats should be intact. If there is tooth loss or severe wear, the roadheader should be cut off. Source, replace in time.

(8) Loading claws and sprocket should be intact. The sag of the scraper chain should be appropriate, no broken chain and lost pins, the scraper is complete and undamaged. The lock nut should be tightened to prevent the scraper from loosening.

(9) Keep track, track shoe, pin shaft and sprocket in good condition, adjust the tightness of the track according to regulations.

(10) The spray system, cooling device and lighting should be intact.

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