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The main parts of roadheader

Jul. 07, 2020

What is the main spare parts for the roadheader

Today let us  take you to learn what is the main parts of the roadheader, 

First, the cutting part

It mainly includes: cutting head assembly, pin shaft, baffle, bushing, cutting motor assembly, bolt, telescopic oil cylinder head plate, gland, cutting head,

 tooth, tooth, telescopic inner cylinder, mud scraping ring gland, outer spray seat, protective barrel seat, floating seal seat, etc.

Two, shovel plate part

It mainly includes: left drive device, right drive device, coupling plate, follower wheel device, left shovel plate, right rear mirror plate, right shovel plate,

 main shovel plate, nut, pin shaft, motor seat, star wheel assembly, rotating disk, floating seal, star wheel assembly, floating seal, etc.

Third, the first transport plane

It mainly includes a conveyor drive device, rear chute, oil filling valve, tensioning device, Poklan conveyor motor assembly, front chute, scraper chain assembly, 

chain stripper, plunger motor, etc.

Forth , Ontology part

It mainly includes pipe clamp, adjusting pad, rivet, seat plate, rubber pipe, shovel plate connection pin, body frame, anti-loose piece, bushing, oil cup, rubber pipe joint, 

connection block bottom plate, rotary table, etc.

Fifth. Walking department

It mainly includes: left crawler frame, left driving wheel guard, tensioning wheel set, right driving wheel guard, crawler frame cover, driving wheel, supporting wheel, 

tensioning wheel bracket, etc.

Sixth. Rear support section

It mainly includes: supporting device, pedestal, conveyor guide plate, lubricating pump base, supporting frame, FA sealing ring, inlet cable supporting device T, 

connection block bottom plate, etc.

Seventh. Lubrication system

It mainly includes progressive distributor, rotary joint, diameter changing joint, piping diagram of centralized lubrication system, pressure alarm, rubber pipe, 

electromagnetic directional valve, lubricating valve block assembly, etc.

Eighth. Hydraulic system

It mainly includes: cutting head telescopic oil cylinder, cutting head rotary oil cylinder, scraper lifting oil cylinder, telescopic lifting joint block, cutting head lifting hydraulic cylinder,

 lubrication valve group, etc.

Ninth. Water system

It mainly includes: water system connection diagram, external spray device, pressure gauge assembly, filter fixing plate, washer, etc.

Tenth .Electrical control system

It mainly includes electric control box assembly, safety operating box assembly, low concentration methane sensor, explosion-proof tight stop switch, 

explosion-proof locomotive lamp for mine, shearer shielding rubber sheathed flexible cable, etc.

All these spare parts could be done from our factory , if you need one of them , welcome ask price freely 

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