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Several Main Parts of Roadheader Parts

Sep. 04, 2020

Roadheaders are divided into two types: coal mine tunneling and tunnel engineering. Coal mine roadheaders are mainly cantilever type roadheaders. Coal mine roadheader accessories are the losses caused by breakage, oil leakage, collisions, etc., caused by various parts of the roadheader during the working process. . Let's take a look at several main parts of the roadheader accessories.

Pin shaft

The pin shaft is a kind of standardized fastener, which can be statically fixed and connected, or can move relative to the connected part. It is mainly used for the hinge joint of two parts to form a hinge connection. The pin shaft is usually locked with a split pin, which is reliable in work and easy to disassemble. The international standard of pin shaft is ISO2341:1986.

Roadheader Driving Wheel

Roadheader Driving Wheel

Planet carrier

The planet carrier is one of the main components of the planetary gear transmission, and the planet wheel shaft or bearing is installed on the planet carrier. When the planetary gear is used as the basic component, it is the part that bears the greatest external moment in the mechanism. The structural design and manufacturing of the planetary gears have a great influence on the load distribution among the planetary gears, and the load-bearing capacity, noise and vibration of the transmission device.

The reasonable structure of the planet carrier should be light weight, good rigidity, and easy to process and assemble. Its common structure includes three types: double-sided plate integral type, double-sided plate separated type and single-sided plate type. The rigidity of the integrated double-sided plate is good. If this structure adopts integral forging, the amount of cutting processing is very large. Therefore, casting and welding methods can be used to obtain a blank with a structure and size close to the finished product. However, attention should be paid to eliminating casting or welding defects and internal stress. Whether the side will affect the strength and Deformation may occur during processing quality and use. The split type of the double side plate is more complex than the overall structure, which is mainly used in the case of relatively small transmission. Because of the small diameter of the planetary gear at this time, the planetary gear bearings are often installed on the two side walls of the planet carrier, so that the outer diameter of the planet carrier is larger than the diameter of the inner tooth tip circle; the aperture in the center of the side plate of the planet carrier is smaller than that of the sun gear.

Driving wheel

The roadheader driving wheel has strong load capacity, smooth operation and good shock absorption performance.

The products are widely used in the mechanical transmission fields of light and heavy industries such as instrument packaging, textile printing and dyeing, beer and beverage, petroleum and petrochemical, pharmaceutical tanning, lifting and transportation, environmental protection equipment, rubber and plastics. The products have passed the ISO9001 international quality system.

Non-standard connector

Hydraulic connectors (card sleeve joints, flared joints, welded joints, cone-sealed welded joints, plug-in joints, quick joints, hose assemblies and related series of related pipe fittings). It is widely used in many industries such as chemical industry, petroleum, aerospace, food, papermaking, metallurgy, shipbuilding, thermal power, and wind power generation.

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