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Knowledge of Safe Operation of Roadheader Machine Operations

Aug. 07, 2020

Roadheader Machine

Mining equipment manufacturers share your knowledge of safe operation of roadheaders

1. Employees should have a junior high school education level or above, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have been specially trained and qualified before they can take up their posts and hold certificates.

2. Employees must be familiar with the structure, performance, and operation principle of the machine, be able to operate the machine accurately and proficiently, and understand the general maintenance and troubleshooting of the equipment.


Employees must insist on using all safety locks and protective devices on the roadheader, and must not modify or discard them without authorization, and cannot adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system and atomization system at will.


The operating handles, buttons, and indicating instruments of various electrical equipment control switches must be properly protected to prevent damage or loss.


In addition to being able to operate the machine proficiently, the machine should also be inspected and maintained daily. When the roadheader is found to be faulty, it should actively cooperate with the maintenance personnel to deal with it. If it cannot be dealt with, it should immediately report to the district team or dispatching room.


Must concentrate, must not leave the job without authorization, and must not entrust undocumented personnel to operate.


When the roadheader machine stops working, overhauls and shifts, the isolating switch on the machine must be disconnected and the power failure sign must be hung up.


The driver on duty must explain clearly the operation of the machine and the existing problems to the driver on duty.


When the gas concentration in the air flow within 20 meters before and after the roadheader reaches 1.5%, the operation must be stopped, the power supply must be cut off, and treatment. Only when the gas concentration drops below 1% can it be powered on.


After taking over, the driver should carefully check the working surface and the surrounding conditions of the roadheader to ensure that the working area is safe, clean and free of obstacles.


Before starting the machine, the driver must check the machine as follows:

(1) All operating handles and buttons should be complete, flexible and reliable, and all operating handles should be hit to the zero position.

(2) The mechanical, electrical, hydraulic system and safety protection devices should be normal and reliable, the parts and components should be intact, and the connecting screws should be complete and fastened.

(3) The cable clamps of each connection device of the electrical system should be complete and firm, and the cables should be hung neatly without damage or extrusion.

(4) The joints of hydraulic pipelines and atomization system pipelines should be free from damage or leakage, and protective devices should be complete and reliable. Prepare the extended cables and water pipes along the working surface, and hang them neatly. The length of the cables and water pipes that are dragged behind the roadheader shall not exceed 10 meters.

(5) The oil level and quantity of the reducer and hydraulic oil tank should be appropriate, without leakage, and the machine should be filled with oil and lubricated according to the technical requirements.

(6) The reprinting belt conveyor should be in good condition with complete supporting rollers.

(7) The cutting head's picks and tooth seats should be intact. If there are tooth loss or severe wear that cannot be used, the power supply of the roadheader should be cut off and replaced in time.

(8) Loading claws and sprocket should be intact. The sag of the scraper chain should be appropriate, there should be no broken chain and lost pins, the scraper is complete and undamaged, and the lock nut should be tightened to prevent the scraper from loosening.

(9) Keep track, track shoe, pin shaft and sprocket in good condition, adjust the tightness of the track according to regulations.

(10) The spray system, cooling device and lighting should be intact.


After checking and confirming that the machine is normal and the operator is evacuated to a safe place, the power is allowed to be sent, and the no-load test run is performed according to the operating procedure, and starting with load is prohibited.


An alarm signal will be issued before starting up, and the machine will start in the order specified in the technical operation of the machine.


According to different properties of coal and rock, determine the best cutting method.

(1) When digging in half coal and rock, the coal should be cut first, and then the rock should be cut, that is, the procedure is soft first and then hard.

(2) Under normal circumstances, the cutting should be started from the lower part of the working surface, and the bottom should be cut first and then cut.

(3) Cutting must consider the bedding of coal and rock, and the cutting head should move along the bedding direction of the coal, and should not cross-fault the bedding.

(4) When cutting whole coal, brush the upper on all sides first, and then crush the middle part.

(5) For hard coal, a top-down cutting procedure is adopted.

(6) For the relatively broken roof, the method of retaining the roof coal or cutting the area around the section should be adopted.


Pay attention to the following items when cutting coal and rock:

(1) When the rock hardness is greater than the cutting capacity of the roadheader, the roadheader should be stopped and other rock breaking measures should be taken.

(2) Master the machine's advancing speed according to the softness and hardness of the coal and rock to avoid the occurrence of the cutting motor overload or the crushing of the scraper conveyor. The shovel should be lowered when cutting. If the amount of coal falling is too large and the overload is caused, the driver must immediately stop the machine and exit the roadheader for processing. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine to avoid burning the motor or damaging the hydraulic motor.

(3) The cutting head must work in a rotating condition to cut coal and rock. The cutting head is not allowed to start with load, the advancing speed should not be too high, and overload operation is prohibited.

(4) When the cutting head is at the lowest working position, it is prohibited to lift the shovel board. The distance between the cutting part and the shovel plate shall not be less than 300 mm, and the cutting head and the shovel plate are strictly prohibited to collide. When cutting the upper coal and rock, it is necessary to prevent the pick contact net and contact beam.

(5) Always pay attention to cleaning the bottom and the floating coal (rock) on both sides of the machine body. When sweeping the bottom, one knife should be pressed to avoid hard ridges on the bottom, so as to prevent the crawler from moving higher and higher.

(6) When the coal and rock lumpiness exceeds the height and width of the machine gantry, it must be manually broken before shipment.

(7) When the cylinder reaches the end, the operating handle should be released immediately to avoid long-term overflow of the overflow valve and cause the system to heat up.

(8) When the roadheader cuts forward, the cutting arm is not allowed to be in the left and right extreme positions.

(9) Loaders, reloaders and subsequent supporting transportation equipment are not allowed to run overloaded.

(10) At any time, pay attention to the sound and pressure changes of various parts of the machinery, reducer and motor, and stop the machine for inspection immediately if any problems are found.

(11) Insufficient air flow and uneven dust removal facilities are not allowed to operate.

(12) After the motor has been working for a long time, do not stop the cooling water immediately, and wait for the motor to cool down for a few minutes before closing the water circuit.

(13) An emergency stop switch must be used to cut off the power supply when a critical situation is found. After the cause is found out, the machine can be turned on after troubleshooting.


The following procedures should be followed when starting the machine:

(1) Pull out the emergency stop button on the operation box and pull it to the normal position.

(2) Use special tools to turn the power switch of the operation box to the "on" position.

(3) Turn the fault detection switch in the electrical box to the "normal" position.

(4) Bell alarm, start the oil pump motor, and then start the cutting motor (the cutting motor can only be started when the support switch on the operation box is turned to the "running" position), and the startup process is complete.

(5) Operate the corresponding operating handles to realize the working procedure.

(6) After the work program is completed, you can turn the corresponding motor operation switch to the stop position when stopping the machine. When an emergency stop is needed, it can be achieved by pressing the emergency stop button on the operation box, or pressing the emergency stop button on the electrical box or pressing the emergency stop button on the non-driver side of the roadheader.

(7) When the driver leaves the driver's seat, he must push the "emergency stop" button on the operation box and use a special tool to turn the power switch to the "off" position.


The shovel plate should be dropped when the rock roadheader moves forward, and the shovel plate should be raised when moving backward.


The support cylinder should be raised when the roadheader is working, and the support cylinder should be retracted when moving forward or backward.


When working, the driver must be concentrated, start the machine smoothly, be optimistic about the direction, and follow the instructions of the oncoming personnel. If it is found that there is a sign of roof fall or the safety of personnel is endangered, immediately stop the machine and cut off the power supply.


Finishing work:

(1) After shutting down according to the prescribed operating sequence, the roadheader should be retracted to a safe place and the shovel should be placed on the bottom. The cutting head is retracted, the cutting arm is placed on the bottom plate, the water door is closed, and the cables and water pipes are hung up.

(2) Electrical equipment such as motors, control boxes, operation boxes, etc. should be covered on the working surface with large water spray.

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