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Roadheader solutions in tunneling and coal mine

Aug. 22, 2020

The roadheader, or header machine, has become a familiar piece of excavating equipment in civil tunnelling. 

The technology is actually younger than may be realised with the first roadheader patent being applied for by Dr Z Ajtay

 in Hungary in 1949 and developed as a remotely operated priapic miner for exploitation of small seams in coal mining. 

Roger Murrow reviews the latest developments of the technology in its application in civil tunnelling.



Tunnel excavation using roadheaders is widespread and popular due to the high precision and relative cost effectiveness of mobilising the equipment 

and especially when dealing with soft to medium strength rock, as the equipment is able to excavate without weakening the surrounding structure.

 There are projects now that prefer, if not stipulate, the use of roadheaders due to the high cost of operating TBMs and for projects on which drill+blast is restricted,

 especially in urban areas or below buildings, or wherever the danger arises of damage due to blasting shock waves.

Cost factors are increasingly prevalent when choosing the tunnel excavation method and for excavation of rock of less than 100 MPa, tunnelling with a roadheader can 

provide cost savings when compared also to drill+blast. 

The other significant advantage of a roadheader is that its use is continuous. 

The material is cut, it falls down at the face, is picked up by the loading mechanism, transported from the machine and hauled away. 

Drill+blast, by comparison, is discontinuous. The face is drilled, the explosives loaded, charges set, then the material needs to be loaded and transported. 

TBM operation is also most usually discontinuous with excavation and segment lining build possible but rarely simultaneous and main-beam TBMs interrupted to reset the grippers.




Born in the China 

Founded in 1956, SDZX manufactures roadheaders that are of an advanced design, and deliver powerful rock cutting capabilities. 

They come in a variety of sizes, covering the weight class of between 30 – 80 tone. Being electro-hydraulically powered, the machines emit no fumes and

 offer interchangeable cutter heads that are customized for each project. 

Their ability to excavate without causing harmful vibrations is highly valuable for both environmental and safety reasons.

All the roadheaders share similar features and capabilities being capable of cutting hard rock economically and using an integrated high pressure pick flushing system, 

which delivers improved levels of operational safety and pick life. 

Additionally the low rotation speed of the roadheader boom and the high installed power ensures minimum dust emissions, while low ground pressure crawler tracks and 

no movement of crawler chains during sumping lead to limited.


Weclome contact us for learning more information about our company and machine .

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