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Roadheader Solutions Become the Focus

May. 24, 2021

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Tunnel excavation using roadheaders is widely used due to the high precision and relative cost-effectiveness of its mobilization equipment, especially when dealing with soft to medium-strength rocks, because the equipment can be excavated without weakening the surrounding structure. Due to the high cost of operating TBM, and for projects subject to drilling and blasting restrictions, especially in urban areas or under buildings, or anywhere that is dangerous due to damage, some projects are now more willing to use tunneling machine explosion shock waves.

Mining Machine Roadheader

Mining Machine Roadheader

When choosing a tunnel excavation method and when excavating rocks less than 100 MPa, the cost factor becomes more and more common. Compared with tunneling and blasting, the use of tunneling machines for tunneling can save costs. Another important advantage of the roadheader is that its use is continuous. The material is cut, dropped on the working surface, picked up by the loading mechanism, transported out of the machine and towed away. In contrast, Drill + blast is not continuous. The working face is drilled, the explosive is loaded, the explosive is loaded, and then the material needs to be loaded and transported. The operation of TBM is usually discontinuous. There may be excavation and the establishment of segmented lining, but it is rarely carried out at the same time. The TBM of the main beam is interrupted to reset the pers.

What progress has been made in roadheader technology recently?

Now, we provide different options for the conveyor-the conveyor behind the machine can move left and right up and down so that the truck can be set up. They can also be used with bridge belt conveyors suspended on the roof. In addition to the guidance system, there are many electronic options. We provide an automatic cutting system that allows the machine to cut the surface automatically-you only need to push the machine manually. This avoids overloading the cutter motor. We can connect to the communication network of the tunnel, which can be linked wirelessly or via LAN. We have report generation software that uses data from machine sensors. The machine is completely controlled by PLC, and the operating data is displayed on the screen in the cab. We have different versions of cabins, including air-conditioning and pressurized cabins to prevent dust from entering the cabin. The roadheader can also be equipped with a dust removal system, a generator and a ventilation device.

What is the next step in the development of Mining Machine Roadheader?

We will continue to see advances in hard rock cutting technology, including cutting through a slow rotating cutter head, which can provide better torque. We have also seen continuous improvement in the quality of cutting tools, including tungsten picks with longer service life. These advancements, as well as improvements in electronics and communication technology, make roadheaders get better and better every year.

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