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Operation Steps, Requirements and Maintenance of Shotcrete Machine

Aug. 21, 2020

The shotcrete machine is a high-pressure mortar spraying machine with advanced technology. It integrates advanced domestic and foreign technologies and researches and updates on its basis. It is a new type of multifunctional spraying equipment that can be used for mortar spraying and putty spraying on exterior walls in the construction industry. , Cement spraying, exterior wall insulation materials and refractory materials and other building surfaces are sprayed on a large area, and geotechnical engineering is sprayed on a large area. Let’s let the shotcrete machine manufacturers introduce to you.

Operation Steps and Requirements

1. Before starting each shift, press the hand oil pump several times to fill the transmission parts with oil;

2. After turning on the power, start the main motor first and check whether the rotation direction of the rubber conveying screw is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow. If it is inconsistent, change the power phase line. Note that this check must be performed every time the power is turned on again;

3. Connect the delivery hose and nozzle. Add 5 liters of clean water to the hopper, start the motor to pump the clean water out to wet the hopper, pump body and delivery hose. After most of the clean water is pumped out, it can be stopped;

4. Add mortar (or paint) in proportion to the hopper, start the air compressor and air valve, and start spraying;

5. After the work is completed, immediately drain the remaining material in the hopper, and pour enough clean water into the hopper to thoroughly clean the hopper, and then start the machine and pump the water out to clean the hose and nozzles until the pump is all clean water , The cleaning is over. In order to prevent the remaining material from condensing in the hopper, hose and nozzle, blocking the hose and nozzle, affecting the service life of the equipment.

Shotcrete Machine

   Shotcrete Machine


Adjusting and homing: After the shotcrete machine has been working for a period of time, a kind of friction will inevitably occur on rubber plates, steel lining plates and other parts, and a gap will be formed. At this time, manual adjustment is required to homing them.

Regularly check hydraulic components: Hydraulic components refer to some parts related to the pressure system, including oil tanks, safety valves, etc. If these parts have problems, they must be dealt with immediately.

Add lubricating oil in time: Lubricating oil is indispensable for the concrete shotcrete machine. Without lubricating oil, it is difficult for the machine to run smoothly, and forced operation will damage the machine. In addition, if the lubricating oil is not clean enough, it will also cause the wear of the machine, so it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil needs to be cleaned and added during daily maintenance.

The above are some points that need to be paid attention to about the shotcrete machine introduced by the editor. When operating the shotcrete machine, we must follow the steps in the manual correctly. In the low temperature weather, we work every day After the end, be sure to drain the water in the waterway system to cause damage to the pump or other parts by the waterproof freezing.

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