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What Should be Paid Attention to When Roadheader For Mining Cuts Coal Rock?

Feb. 26, 2021

As a Mining Machine Roadheader Exporter, share it with you.

Pay attention to the following items when cutting coal and rock:

(1) When the rock hardness is greater than the cutting capacity of the roadheader, the roadheader should be stopped and other rock breaking measures should be taken.

(2) Master the machine's advancing speed according to the softness and hardness of the coal and rock, to avoid the occurrence of cutting motor overload or crushing of the scraper conveyor, etc., and the shovel should be lowered when cutting. If the amount of coal falling is too large and the overload is caused, the driver must stop immediately and exit the roadheader for processing. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine, so as not to burn the motor or damage the hydraulic motor.

(3) The cutting head must work in a rotating condition to cut coal and rock. The cutting head is not allowed to start with load, the advancing speed should not be too high, and overload operation is prohibited.

Roadheader For Mining

Roadheader For Mining

(4) When the cutting head is at the lowest working position, it is prohibited to lift the shovel board. The distance between the cutting part and the shovel shall not be less than 300 mm, and the cutting head and the shovel are strictly forbidden to touch. When cutting the upper coal and rock, prevent the picks from contacting the net and contact beams.

(5) Always pay attention to clearing the bottom and the floating coal (rock) on both sides of the machine body. When sweeping the bottom, one knife should be pressed to avoid hard ridges on the bottom, so as to prevent the crawler from moving higher and higher.

(6) When the coal and rock lumpiness exceeds the height and width of the machine gantry, it must be manually broken before shipment.

(7) When the cylinder reaches the end, the operating handle should be released immediately to avoid long-term overflow of the overflow valve and cause the system to heat up.

(8) When the roadheader cuts forward, the cutting arm is not allowed to be at the left and right extreme positions.

(9) Loaders, reloaders and subsequent supporting transportation equipment are not allowed to operate at overload.

(10) At any time, pay attention to the sound of all parts of the machinery, reducer and motor, and pressure changes. If any problems are found, stop and check immediately.

(11) Insufficient air flow and uneven dust removal facilities are not allowed to operate.

(12) After the motor has been working for a long time, do not stop the cooling water immediately. You should wait for the motor to cool down for a few minutes before closing the water circuit.

(13) An emergency stop switch must be used to cut off the power supply when a critical situation is found, and the machine can be turned on only after the cause is found out and the fault is eliminated.

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