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Coal industry of the year 2019 click "keywords"

May. 04, 2020

In the past of 2019, which keywords can best reflect the new changes of the coal industry towards high-quality development?

Key 1

Intelligence +

After years of "four modernizations" construction, the intelligent construction of the coal industry will see great development in 2019. At the beginning of 2019, the national administration of coal mine work safety issued the catalogue of key research and development of coal mine robots. So far, there are 152 coal mines in China that have built 183 intelligent coal mining faces. Eleven kinds of robots, such as patrol inspection and gangue sorting, have been used in underground coal mines, and 19 kinds of robots, such as driving, spraying and transporting, have been set up for research and development.

Provinces have issued planning documents to clarify the goal of intelligent construction of coal mines. According to the implementation plan of intelligent coal mine construction in shandong province, it is proposed to use one to two years to realize intelligent mining of coal mines under ground pressure and large coal mines in shandong province. Henan put forward to strive to the end of 2021 annual output of 600,000 tons or more coal mines basically complete the intelligent transformation. At the enterprise level, yankuang group has built the first intelligent coal mining face with a kilometer deep well. Shanxi coal group yubei coal industry company proposed to build the whole coal mine into a "robot"......The scope of "intelligence +" is getting wider and wider, from the realization of intelligentization of specific posts and working faces to the formulation of standards for intelligent construction.

Communication is an important part of "intelligence plus". Hopes are high for 5G technology to break through the bottleneck of downhole communications. Shanxi yangmei group has built the country's first underground coal mine 5G base station. Yankuang group, zte corp and China unicom shandong branch set up a 5G joint laboratory. China coal science and industry group, China university of mining and technology (Beijing) and China unicom have jointly established the joint laboratory of 5G technology innovation and application in underground space. In October this year, the smart mining industry Internet 5G + professional committee of China big data technology and application alliance was established.

From production and management to sales and service, "smart +" is a big concept throughout the whole system. In the field of green development, some coal enterprises have tried to make use of big data to build smart systems and start ecological water restoration, soil restoration and comprehensive utilization of waste in the comprehensive treatment of coal mining subsidence areas. We believe that in the future, there will be broader prospects for cross-border and integrated development.

Key 2


At the national coal trade fair at the end of each year, as the "grand finale", it has become a tradition for coal supply and demand companies to sign contracts. But not at the national coal fair in 2020. At the end of 2018, coal enterprises signed long-term contracts of three to five years with downstream power and steel enterprises. For both parties to sign the contract, the most important thing in 2020 is to pay attention to good faith and implement the contract signed before.

State departments have also introduced measures to guide enterprises to be honest and trustworthy. In 2019, the national energy administration issued the measures for the administration of credit repair for market players in the energy industry (for trial implementation), which encouraged and guided players in the energy industry to take the initiative to correct their dishonest behaviors.According to the comprehensive evaluation results of public credit of some enterprises in the coal sector released by the national public credit information center in 2019 (the third issue), among the more than 19,000 enterprises in the coal sector, 98 are of "excellent" level, 6,364 are of "good" level, 10,889 are of "medium" level, and 1,768 are of "poor" level.

At the meeting of 2020 medium - and long-term contract negotiation for coal, steel and coke, which opened on November 19, shandong energy group, China pingmei he group and other enterprises proposed to be the firm executor of medium - and long-term contract system and the practitioner of deepening supply-side structural reform.

To market economy character, good faith is like air general indispensable.A few enterprises gain little profit due to dishonest behavior, but the whole industry has to pay a huge price, which is not cost-effective for coal upstream and downstream enterprises.

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