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Our company is affiliated to shandong energy xinwen mining group, a super large enterprise. Founded in 1956, the group is an old leading enterprise in China's coal industry. In the mining process of more than 50 years, it is the first coal enterprise to use imported fully mechanized mining, comprehensive excavation equipment, and to develop and manufacture mining equipment. More than half a century of mining history, more than 30 years of comprehensive mining equipment use, overhaul experience, more than 10 years of mining equipment development practice, let us accumulate profound knowledge, accumulated rich experience, accumulated a large number of talents.

Our company has become the only service equipment manufacturing enterprise in the coal industry that integrates mining engineering, equipment installation and withdrawal, equipment manufacturing and overhaul. Companies according to market demand, has developed the EBZ series machine, CMZY series coal rock drill unit, push JPTS series chain concrete injection unit, ZWY series intelligent mine excavating loader, efficient machine, tunneling airborne temporary support, and other products, with 21 items such as machine overhaul maintenance qualification, can provide better services for coal mine production equipment.

In addition to providing safe, reliable, advanced and efficient equipment, we also provide a unique full range of services, to provide customers with equipment installation and removal, equipment overhaul, underground field driver training, underground field maintenance workers training. Our equipment is not only used in coal mines, but also in urban subways and intercity high-speed railway tunnel construction. below over mining companies we have implemented or validated our products.

Shan Dong Loreen International Trade Co., Ltd.

CompanyYearProject NameType of Operation (open pit, underground)Technology Implemented
XieZhuang coalmine, SHANDONG ENERGY GROUP2003Mining tunnelundergroundEBZ series Roadheader/ZWY series Loader machine
Longgu coal mine,SHANDONG ENERGY GROUP2004Mining tunnelundergroundEBZ series Roadheader/ZWY series Loader machine
Quzhen coal mine,SHANDONG ENERGY GROUP2004Mining tunnelundergroundEBZ series Roadheader/ZWY series Loader machine
Suncun coal mine,SHANDONG ENERGY GROUP2006Mining tunnelundergroundEBZ series Roadheader/ZWY series Loader machine
Changcheng coal mine,NEIMENGGU ENERGY GROUP2009Mining tunnelundergroundEBZ series Roadheader
Yili coal mine,XINJIANG ENERGY GROUP2009Mining tunnelundergroundEBZ series Roadheader
Nuanquan coal mine, NINGXIA ENERGY GROUP2008Mining tunnelundergroundEBZ series Roadheader
Guangzhou municipal engineering2017Subway tunnel project tunnelingundergroundEBZ series Roadheader

We have our own r&d, production, after-sales service engineers, they have more than 40 years of service experience. We have 62 technicians and senior technicians, including 4 chief technicians, 1 provincial technical expert, 1 national technical expert, and many of them are senior engineers. Among them, the engineer team has obtained several patent certificates in the field of the equipment project. So our team is professional and excellent, choosing us is choosing the major.

We have our own maintenance team and our own parts processing, and we have a complete set of product maintenance program (the application environment of each mining area will be slightly different). Provide small maintenance of the equipment (it can be carried out in the tunnel if conditions permit, which can save the maximum maintenance time), medium maintenance and replacement of wearing parts, and overhaul (it can be shipped back to China), to save the maximum maintenance time and cost for customers. This is fundamentally different from other companies that are only responsible for selling the equipment and handing over repairs to third parties. In order to maximize profits, third parties sometimes purchase accessories from other processing enterprises, which cannot be compared with the original accessories in terms of quality.

The spare parts we provide are mainly vulnerable parts, such as cutting teeth, cutting seat and local vulnerable high-pressure tubing. Other spare parts can be customized according to customer requirements.

We will have the corresponding operation manual and operator training, so as to make the operators operate in strict accordance with the standard, to ensure the safety of their work and the safety of the tunnel.

Our business model is a combination of product standards and customization.

Customers can purchase our standard equipment, we can also according to customer needs for customized assembly. We sell both complete machines and equipment parts. Technicians provide on-site guidance for installation and training of operators (personnel to the factory or technicians sent by the factory to the customer for training). We provide 7*24 hours of response services in personnel, accessories and other aspects. Of course, we will charge corresponding fees according to the corresponding services beyond the scope of free services. The corresponding staff needs 2 to 8 people.

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